Microsoft Forefront Client Security

Microsoft Forefront Client Security

Its a great anti virus, anti apyware, anti trojan, etc, easy to use
3.7  (20 votes)

Microsoft Forefront Client Security provides easy to manage and control protection against malicious software.
I have been using this anti virus for 8 months and I haven't got into problem with any virus. Forefront Client Security helps guard against threats, such as spyware and rootkits, as well as against traditional threats, such as viruses, worms, and trojan horses. It is generally used by servers and workstations in a network environment, because it has capabilities to manage Active Directory Services, protection of Network, Databases, etc. But it is possible to install it in a home computer as a regular anti virus. The virus definitions and anti virus scanning techniques are the same that we saw in "Windows Live OneCare" Anti Virus.

Forefront Client Security also includes "Windows Defender", the anti spyware from Microsoft. If you have a previous standalone version of "Windows Defender", it is automatically disabled and that within the program is enabled.
One important feature is the "Software Explorer" where you can view and change the settings of startup programs. You can also view the details of programs currently connected to networks along with all the port it uses.


Zack Martin
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Review summary


  • Updated virus definitions are available each day
  • Simpler and Easy interface
  • Full protection from viruses, rootkits,spyware, trojan, etc


  • Can cause windows startup to slow down
  • No ability to make rescue disks
  • Cannot scan or protect without any user being logged in
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